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The new earth way for diversity, reciprocity and the planet
Earth Hive Essences

Become a New Human ~ A Co-Creator with the Divine and Mother Earth ~ A Courageous Leader of Truth and Authenticity ~ A Knower of Personal Power and Purpose ~ An Infinite, Peaceful Being

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What are Earth Hive Essences?

Essences are vibrationally tuned waters. Like an instrument playing its unique sound, flowers and crystals imprint their “note”, or bio-energies, on water. Earth Hive Essences are waters specially formulated with flowers, crystals, Angelic love and light, honeybee consciousness, and Divine Mother Rose energy. The essences are for living from the unity of the heart.  

Awakening the Heart 

Each Earth Hive Essence is a unique recipe that supports your mind, body and spirit to awaken the heart as a multi-dimensional power center for greater love, soul light, divine wisdom and connection to the infinite.

A Unified Intelligence

All of the essences are infused with the pattern of the Honeycomb Design, an essential ingredient to becoming harmonious with the Earth and one another. With everyday use, Earth Hive Essences support us to tap into the unified intelligence of humanity, the Earth and the Divine.

Perfectly Timed, Multiple Uses   

Earth Hive Essences are powerful tools for personal, group and/or Earth healing. They are developed for the Awakening Time on Earth and can be used daily by the drop(s), in water, for healing the environment, meditation/prayer, energy healing, and for your daily nutrition.  

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“When you combine the Honeycomb Design with the Divine Feminine, Angel Love and the gifts of Mother Nature you have pure Alchemical Magic.” 
~ Corrina Steward, co-creator of Earth Hive Essences​