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The new earth way for diversity, reciprocity and the planet
What people are saying about the Unified Heart Activations ​

"Perfect strangers were united on a remarkable Saturday in February.  Brought together by the power of the Unified Heart.  Our lives are forever to be united.  Our hearts were coded with the unity of the heart, which means that we basically have super powers.  

We are destined to heal the world one person at a time by spreading love, encouragement, and good vibes.  The heart activations go far beyond the ego or what we know to be "true" to a new awareness that love really does conquer all.   

Corrina Steward brought us together.  This woman is incredible."

"My heart just melts open so softly now. My life is forever changed."

"Corrina is a MASTER at activating and intensifying the soul..."  

"Corrina transformed me.  I was born-again, in a sense.  I've come to understand so many things that weren't even on my radar, but these understandings were key to the unlocking of my freedom and therefore, my self..."

"I am now on a path of peaceful revolution and evolution, and that is miraculous, considering my past perceptions."  

"I don't know if she fast-forwarded my ascension, or if she was the missing catalyst, or what.  All I know is that since the first contact with Corrina, my life has changed immensely."

~~Unified Heart Activation ~~

A Global Call to Activate the 4 Spiritual Codes of the Heart

Register Now for $88!

What you will receive:

*A heart healing energy transmission
You will receive healing from all the transgressions of the separated heart to reunite with the wholeness of the heart

*4 unified heart activations
 You will receive the activations of the 4 heart codes that awaken your unified heart, the heart intelligence that manifests your heart's co-creations.

*A first time release of the Synergy of the Unified Heart
You will receive a summary of the teachings of the unified heart for your self-study. 

*A recording of the heart activations
You will receive a MP3 of the heart activations for your personal use.

*An energy transmission for Abundance & Fulfillment
You will receive an MP3 energy transmission that catalyzes your re-alignment to Abundance & Fulfillment in your life.

*Connection to a growing community of heart activated co-creators
You will receive the opportunity to connect with others who have received the heart activations, including access to a private Facebook group for Heart Manifestation, to support your heart manifestations.  

*Discounts on Freedom, Wholeness & Manifestation energy transmissions
You will have access to the first release of these powerful energy transmissions, at a 20% discount, to amplify your unified heart manifestations.

*Discounts on Private Coaching with Corrina
You will receive a 25% discount on two private coaching sessions with Corrina to further support your awakening of heart manifestations.  

Join the Unified Heart Ripple.

Register Now & Begin to Live Your Heart's Destiny!

When: March 22, 2014 at 2 - 4 pm Eastern Standard Time**

**The call will be recorded.  You do not have to attend the live call to receive the heart activations.

How: Free Conference Call (local U.S. and international call-in numbers will be provided).

Cost: $88, includes all discounts and benefits

Register for the Heart Activation today!

What are the Spiritual Heart Codes?

The spiritual heart codes are 4 universal forces that activate the blueprint of the unified heart and connect you to the heart consciousness of the Earth and Cosmos.  The unified heart is a healed, whole energy field of infinite heart consciousness.  As you become heart healed and unified with the Earth and Cosmic hearts you are able to manifest with incredible ease and create your heart reality, a life designed by the soul and the divine designs of nature, light and love. 

When you receive the heart code activations you accelerate your personal healing to resolve any blocks to re-connecting with your unified heart intelligence.  Corrina transmits the heart codes that awaken your unified heart and your heart designed manifestations.  The unified heart intelligence "pops" from the invisible, un-manifested state (the imagined heart realm) into the visible, manifested state--your life!  

Corrina has been teaching the heart codes to individual clients for two years.  She received the heart codes and the spiritual science of heart manifestation over the course of five years from a multi-dimensional, cosmic heart field consciousness.  

The unified heart teachings are rooted in ancient wisdom that was once taught at the height of the feminine consciousness of Ancient Egypt and Central and South American cultures connected to star beings.  Over the course of her multi-dimensional schooling, Corrina was taught the heart manifestation science by star beings, the Angelic realm, inter-dimensional energy Masters and her cosmic Self, who is part of the Mother Rose Cosmic Heart consciousness.  

The global heart activation call is the first time that the activations will be released to the global public.  After many years of evolution, humanity is now ready to receive the unified heart activations to accelerate personal mastery of heart co-creation and global transformation into the one heart consciousness.   

Register for the Global Heart Activation

It begins March 22, 2014!  Join the Global Heart Ripple & Become Your Heart Dream.


~A Global Heart Activation~
Unify Your Heart & Awaken Your Heart Manifestations
March 22, 2014 ~ 2 - 4 pm EST
Live & Recorded Heart Activation Call

Register Now for $88!